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Building information modelling (BIM) is a collaborative working process that utilises information-rich models  to manage and share the quality of information provided at the design and construction phases to help owner operators eliminate time and waste.
Our vision at the BIM Academy Africa is to offer a choice of routes to BIM education and certification for both individuals and businesses.
Our online and classroom based training and certification programmes have been developed and is delivered by international technical experts, who are active in global standard committees and have a wealth of practical experience in various industry fields. Our training is aimed at the entire industry, including: developers, professionals, construction teams and facilty managers.

Education & Certification

Our  mission is to shape an African vision, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment, as these are four key elements where BIM has a significant influence. Hence, our vision is to educate professionals and students to have “a future-ready built environment for Africa”. The BIM Academy Africa, works closely with its internationals technology  and training partners to develop skills and expertise that help shape a future-ready built environment for Africa.

Our online BIM training course are just as essential as our classroom based courses as it provides the foundation to your BIM journey. By providing a flexible learning platform that addresses your BIM requirements and associated processes we will raise awareness and knowledge across a wider staff base, moving past software training and ensure job runner have skills necessary to address BIM and beyond.

BIM is a journey. We envisage that it will grow with time and will inspire more advanced and innovative use of BIM. Apart from the various courses that we do offer we have adopted a step by step process and offer the courses based on industry demand.


The BIM Academy Africa provides the learning platforms  knowledge, skills, and organisational ability critical to assist in the development and growth of the industry we serve. We assist entities with benchmarking to develop BIM solutions while also guiding countries to pioneer Building Information Modelling standards.

We also focus on your expertise and help seek opportunities and challenges of Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and workflows.

Through learning and performance assessment, we assist organizations to leverage their investments in BIM, maximize their Return on Effort (ROE), and transform their unique BIM challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

We study the value and relevance of BIM processes to your organisation and provide honest and impartial advice on how to adopt digital software tools and processes within your business, including the cultural challenges in terms of working practice which may need to be addressed.

Recognising the various standards and protocols and making this work for you are essential to allow the use of BIM to enhance the performance of your business.


BIM Health Check Assessment


To deliver BIM enabled services, companies need to invest in considerable resources by ensuring their staff are properly skilled while applying their technological skill set. To translate these investments into an overall BIM performance, it is important to establish current capability, define future targets, identify gaps and then develop training strategies to bridge these gaps.

We’re excited to launch our BIM Health Check Service, which will help companies measure their performance and where they need to improve their present and the future potential to be a part of today’s  Building Information Modelling (BIM) service providers.  BIM is an emerging digital transformation, and clients are eager to understand service provider dynamics in our industry.

We have launched this service as an online  portal to assist companies with a gap analysis on their staff in order to report accurately and determine whether it’s an investment in software implementation or staff training. This will help industry understand the real case applications of BIM along with capabilities and offerings of the varied service providers in the market today. We will work to understand the different ways that this functionality is delivered today and how it may evolve in the future. To find out more about our online BIM Health Check assessment click here.


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Our team enjoyed your course last week, and I believe we moved the collective understanding forward. Well done on a good product and well presented course.

Richard Matchett -Digital Practice Leader, Gauteng & Africa, Aurecon

Thank you again for creating truly exceptional opportunity for individuals  in the built environment industry. The BIM Instituite has truly provided education, peers, international opportunity and foundation for a prosperous future.

Ashvin Manga

It was a privilege to represent Accenture at the recent BIM4 Professionals course in Johannesburg. There was good representation across the built environment ecosystem of role players in the session which made discussions and debates very interesting and very pertinent to the issues being faced today in the infrastructure delivery space. What is clear is that all representatives agree that BIM holds great value for the industry and for clients who are innovative and forward thinking enough to “insist” that the BIM methodology is followed.

Vernon Harley – Public Capital Infrastructure Planning & Delivery @ Accenture

As an architect, attending the course has made me realise that what we see when looking at beautiful images produced by architectural software is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the data that makes the image. Through BIM processes we can see that the image and the data are one – the image represents the data in a visual manner that we recognise and understand as a building.

Gerd Bolt – President @Pretoria Institute for Architecture

The course was well structured and very informative. The content covered a wide range of topics with regards to BIM and the implementation of it. Vaughan’s passion to inform the industry and to better workflows within companies is contagious. It was enlighten to meet professionals from different sectors, that share the same view on development and utilising technology and software to improve project management and communication. What a privilege to be part of this exciting journey with the BIM Institute.

Elna van der Merwe – BIM Coordinator @ DRA Global

I found the course very informative in the sense that I gained a complete understanding of what BIM is about, where South Africa stands with BIM in comparison with the rest of the globe, how to deliver a project from conception up to closeout complying with BIM protocol, a technical understanding for data exchange and up skilling ourselves as Quantity Surveyors

Werner Olivier @ SVR Quantity Surveyors