BIM4 Awareness Workshops

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This one-day BIM awareness workshop is aimed at construction and design professionals  companies and project teams seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the organizations benefits.

The one day workshop is for companies only and will take management and staff members through the various pillars in construction highlighting the BIM processes, software tools, roles and responsibilities for the various team players involved.

Attendees will learn the fundamental concepts of BIM processes and the BIM software tools available together with business benefits and the critical factors for successful BIM implementation on projects. Starting with the understanding of a BIM strategy and how working within a Common Data Environment platform can improve the project workflows and the importance of publishing information into one single source of the truth. Companies will progress to understand the various BIM project delivery methods and by the end of the workshop will have covered critical processes, workflows and deliverables necessary for BIM in a project life cycle.

The workshop will be led by instructors at the BIM Academy, which was co-founded by Northumbria University, and which is an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre. You can expect a combination of presentations and interactive sessions, with demonstrations of software and opportunities for hands-on experience.

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Learn from the Best

The one day workshop will be led by an experienced BIM Academy consultant. You can expect a combination of presentations and interactive sessions with some BIM case study activities.

The course comprises a mixture of presentations, practical exercises and workshops, and introduces the following:

  • Current Global BIM Standards and countries adopting BIM
  • What are the benefits of BIM to an organization
  • Cultural impact on an organization
  • Roles and Responsibilities that need to be defined within the company
  • BIM in the other dimensions (4D, 5D & 6D)
  • Understand the Levels in BIM
  • The essentials for a CollaborativeBIM  environment
  • Adopting BIM in various project delivery methods
  • Overview of various file formats and BIM tools available
  • What are steps for the organization to become BIM compliant

Workshop Benefits

  1. Basic understanding of Building Information Modelling, its benefits and technology.
  2. Basic understanding of BIM technology and tools across project phases.
  3. Learn to prepare the organization to becoming BIM compliant and assess alternatives
  4. Understand BIM acronyms and terminology
  5. Understanding the BIM procurement process for planning, conducting, monitoring and making adjustments to becoming BIM compliant.


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Why Choose a Workshop With Us

  • Gain understanding of BIM benefits and global standards.
  • Explore BIM tools and processes for the built enviroment.
  • Understand the impact of BIM on estimating and scheduling.
  • Learn to build a climate of collaboration and get beyond stubborn positioning.
  • Understand BIM terminology and the information exchange process.
  • Grasp how to facilitate assessments for project team and company-wide.

What our Delegates think

Our team enjoyed your course last week, and I believe we moved the collective understanding forward. Well done on a good product and well presented course.

Richard Matchett -Digital Practice Leader, Gauteng & Africa, Aurecon

Thank you again for creating truly exceptional opportunity for individuals  in the built environment industry. The BIM Instituite has truly provided education, peers, international opportunity and foundation for a prosperous future.

Ashvin Manga