BIM Courses 2019

The BIM Academy Africa in 2019 will be running various courses through the year. Please contact us directly to inquire for bespoke courses running in 2019.



If you had the choice to explain to your design team or project, between describing building components within a single “object”, or describing building components in several manually produced, and manually coordinated “documents”, why would you choose the latter? Particularly when you know there is a good chance, that there will be errors, omissions, and coordination issues, that is going to result in misunderstandings with project team members. This is bound to lead to delays, variations, cost overruns, disputes, and possibly even litigation. But many industry professionals still choose the latter.

They say “it’s because of the cost of doing BIM.”  But that’s the wrong way to look at it. What is the cost of NOT doing BIM? This all-in-one One Day BIM course for leadership. This intensive workshop specifically designed to help you engage with staff and project stakeholders, designers, planners, quantity surveyors and even high-level management in understanding the A-Z of BIM without the software involved. BIM is not software….its a process!

While getting to grips with understanding the models, processes and delivery methods required to make a true and lasting impact with their BIM careers.

Course program

BIM4TrainersThis course is designed to give trainers, non-trainers-who-train, and managers the A-Z of BIM without software. But understanding the models and delivery methods required to make a true and lasting impact with their BIM careers. BIM 4 Trainers is an online course that offers a new level of the profession into the BIM educational space.

A BIM Trainer Certification sets the standard that demonstrates that you have the skills and competence of training and understanding the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This Train the Trainer course is a unique BIM learning opportunity, giving you access to over 27 hours of online learning material and full access to Africa’s largest online BIM portal – NavBIM, that will help you prepare yourself to become a proven BIM Mentor.

The course is intended for any industry professional or university lecturer wanting to improve their understanding of how to educate other members on a project in an organization on BIM.

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Through the two-day training programme, delegates will get to understand the entire BIM life-cycle and how eight other countries globally implement BIM standards and classifications. Delegates will also be guided through each of the major delivery stages, from the strategic BIM definition of the project, the BIM execution plans right through to handover and end of use. At each stage, the trainer will demonstrate how to balance technical requirements with management skills so delegates are confident in implementing the BIM information exchange process.

By the end of the course, delegates will have also had an opportunity to understand BIM in an African context using the processes and the methods requires for you to execute BIM on a project using South African National building standards, and the ability to successfully set up the classification structure that all team members will require on the project.

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The BIM4 Students

Contact us to find more about our BIM 4 Students for Universities and colleges only. that we offer all African countries.

This syllabus is internationally accredited through the Canadian BIM Council and Northumbria University (UK). The content is aimed at student 1st 2 and 3-year students seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the benefits of addressing BIM in their career.