To implement BIM in our industry successfully, all the project participants must have minimum BIM capabilities or qualifications. Before any project starts, assessing BIM capabilities of project stakeholders is a concern for many clients. The main problem of public clients regarding BIM is that they have no mechanism to ensure that the key participants, they hire for a BIM project, have the minimum capabilities (i.e. BIM processes and qualified resources) to participate in design and delivery of the project. The high variability of companies’ readiness to work with BIM may impose a high cost or risk for the client and other mature members of the supply chain. Therefore, the BIM Health Check Assessment will ensure project members and companies are rated according to their level of BIM capabilities. The BIM Health assessment will try to assess the BIM capabilities of an organization, and determine the maturity level of the individuals in the company. To translate these investments into an overall BIM performance, it is important to establish current capability, define future targets, identify gaps and then develop training strategies to bridge these gaps.

BIM Health Check Assessment

The BIM Academy Africa has developed a unique approach to assess and improve the BIM performance of individuals, organisations and project teams. We remain software agnostic and completely independent when helping identify actual BIM performance and needs when comparing it against industry benchmarks or clients project requirements. Our online BIM Health Check assessment helps organizations to measure and understand the detailed capabilities of their staff and current BIM software systems. The outcome of the assessment can help management and decision makers with advice on training and software investment that best suits their unique roles and company requirements.



How does it work

The online BIM Health Check portal takes staff through a series of check points to assess staff BIM knowledge and experience across eight categories of BIM topics.  The BIM Health Check is comprised of a series of multiple choice questions that helps us gain a clear picture of the staff’s competency within the organisation or project. Our approach combines  the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspects of BIM at Technology level, Model experience level, Management level and Administrative level.


Evaluation Process

To make it easy to assess a participant, our online health check tool can calculate the threshold rating and their BIM level of experience using their current technology of choice. We expect participants to provide sufficient information that will help us in differentiating and evaluating capabilities without getting into confidential details of your work with specific clients.

While some of the online questions are BIM User specific (such as 3D Model design) others are generalquestions around operational tasks. Keeping in mind all professionals are required to understand processes, technology, implementation, estimating and construction , etc.

The BIM Health Check is not evaluated by the software tool, although the individuals are asked what software is used within their capacity.

Health Check Example

Health Check Report

To translate these health checks into overall BIM performance reports, our in-house experts populate the data received online and provide a comprehensive report that identifies the:

  • Established current capabilities
  • Requirements needed  for moving from traditional to advanced capabilities
  • Technology capability gaps
  • Solutions and strategies to bridge these gaps

Measuring performance is at the core of performance improvement. Without measurement, an organisation cannot accurately determine whether it has achieved its Return on Investment in:

  • Software purchases
  • Training and skills development
  • Developing BIM standards, workflows, and protocols
Need a Bespoke BIM Assessment?

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