Assessing delegates sentiments towards BIM4leaders course

Every time I stand before a buzzing room of pulsing delegates in the past  two months for BIM courses we have delivered it  encourages me to see more people now wanting to learn about BIM. Yet the feedback from delegates during the workshop is astounding how resistant decision makers of large and small enterprises are to adopting BIM even when they send their staff on our BIM Academy courses and seem perfectly happy to invest thousands in the design software tools that enable BIM. Clients buy the software and often sit on the licenses while they and their teams spend extra time and effort still faking BIM for clients and then pay more to improve their marketing collateral, all the while turning their collective noses up to the BIM process that has huge potential to benefit the rest of the industry players.

” Are you not willing to change for digital built & BIM adoption for the better of our local industry? The world has changed, so why are you resisting?  Do you not want to help the owners & developers regarding ‘what’ and ‘how’ to expect in BIM projects? Do you not want to be the key coordinator for owner and contractor organization for successful delivery of BIM in their projects? ” Vaughan Harris

Would you not enjoy establishing strategies for BIM projects & align the project stakeholders towards success? Do you have a BIM Manager that understands the organizational BIM maturity and project performance assessment process?

Join us for this well attended #BIM4leaders course on the 22nd May at #Oracle Offices – JHB and let us help you understand BIM leadership and where to start.

What you will also learn on the explosive ONE Day workshop is

  • Global trends: Standards, policies and education
  • People: How to be a leader and deal with critics and traditional thinkers
  • Process: learn about various stages with the life cycle of a BIM project
  • Delivery methods: What to expect with different delivery methods on a project
  • Policies: BIM standards and guidelines including ISO19650
  • BIM Maturity in context with assessment and competencies within your organisation