BIM 4 Professionals course commences

Following the recent demand for BIM upskilling around the globe, the first BIM4Professionals course in South Africa was hosted by the BIM Institute, with further courses due to be held throughout 2017 and into 2018. BIM4 Professionals is based on Australian BIM best practice and has been reviewed and endorsed by members within BIM Academy Global and Canadian BIM Council (CanBIM), and is accredited by White Frog (UK). The course takes delegates through each aspect of BIM, including current global standards, project delivery processes, data exchange processes and contractual obligations and is aligned with the National BIM Guide published by the BIM Institute.

The two-day course embeds the BIM processes and learning outcomes framework, and has been developed to aid understanding of the challenges and benefits of implementing BIM in an African context across project portfolios. The launch of the course in South Africa brings the industry a step closer to modernisation and provides clarity on how to integrate with the support from local software vendors listed with the BIM Institute, as well as to apply BIM to engineering, design, construction and asset management.

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