BIMming great leaders

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” John F. Kennedy

Leadership is what is needed at this stage of the African BIM (Building Information Modelling) rollout. Leaders in every discipline, in every 3D modelled project, every day. These leaders are being equipped with the tools and information needed to not only win BIM compliant tenders, but run BIM projects and transition their companies into digital construction with all its efficiencies and cost benefits through the BIM 4 Professionals course from the BIM Academy.


“This is not a software course,” explains Vaughan Harris, who you may recognise from the BIM Institute and is the driving force behind the BIM Academy. “BIM is not about buying software, and although the software plays a role in the greater scheme of things, BIM is fundamentally a process, a way to communicate and a way of working.”

The course outlines the roles of each player (and discipline) in a BIM project, from designers and architects to contractors, engineers, quantity surveyors and the client, often a Facilities Manager who uses the information modelled to optimise the lifecycle of the facility. It drives home the best practices and explains the very real pitfalls that exist in African BIM adoption. It guides delegates to where to find the best templates, team assessment tools, case studies and equips them with the terms and overview needed to address the questions that are inevitable in a BIM project.


“There is another magic ingredient in these courses,” smiles Harris, “and that is the delegates themselves. We work hard to ensure that there is representation from all the stakeholders in a building project, players that are so often at odds with each other, who need different information at different times from each other, but are often reluctant to share this information. It is great to see the debates that rage, the solutions that are hammered out and I watch for that moment when each sees it from the other perspective. That is the moment when BIM Leaders are born, when they see the necessity of open communication and realise that each project is a collaboration, not a battle of wills.”

The course runs over two days and bookings fill up fast. In the past month alone Harris and his team has run the course in Ethiopia, Mauritius, Johannesburg and most recently in Cape Town.

“We have bookings that extend to May 2018, and are in discussion with firms that have asked for companywide training as a part of their BIM transition. This strong uptake shows the desperate need for this kind of support and the need for BIM leaders.”


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