BIM4Professionals – the new age for professionals is here

For those who had the opportunity to attend this years Autodesk University (AU2017) in Cape Town, got a taste of why Building Information Modelling (BIM)  is currently the biggest market player in the design and construction industry; and is shaping and driving the next generation of digital construction technology that is already changing the way we design, build and operate.

The BIM Academy Africa  will be introducing the next level of professionals into the BIM educational space here in South Africa.

The new and exciting BIM4Professionals course hosted by the BIM Academy offers an exciting  2-day accredited workshop, endorsed by the BIM Institute and Whitefrog, the award winning company for the RICS BIM4SME  and highly recommended RISE Award winner.

In a first for Africa, the BIM4 professionals workshop presents an environment for ‘immersive’ experiences destined to change the face of BIM education and management in Africa.

By introducing this level of BIM education into the built environment space, delegates can differentiate unique BIM learning opportunities. Companies and consultants in an operational environment can visualise processes and make better guiding decisions for BIM on a project.

The course allows delegates from different backgrounds and skill levels to experience BIM implementation standards and processes in a supervised collaborative work role environment. The BIM4 Professionals is a software agnostic course and does not cover any specific type of design application. We align our methodology with our software vendor partners but focus on the process required to deliver a BIM project.

Course deliverables

  • Overview of Building Information Modelling
  • Overview of current global BIM standards, and protocols used
  • How to setup  a BIM Maturity Assessment for your project
  • Defining the BIM Responsibilities and Roles on a project
  • Understanding the requirements for a collaborative BIM information exchange process.
  • How to setup and manage a BIM Execution Plan on a project
  • Applying BIM processes on the various project delivery methods in South Africa
  • Identifying the various file formats and data drop exchanges available
  • Identifying the pitfalls between the Architect, Estimator and Contractor when working with a BIM model.
  • What is required for a BIM Handover Process?