About Us

We have succesfully developed an international reputation through events, research and education activities with the BIM Institute.

The BIM Academy Africa is the exclusive consulting and training partner for the BIM Institute. To help develop BIM awareness, the BIM Academy Africa have developed a strategic partnership with vendors and international partners to help promote and educate BIM across  Africa.

Our Courses

In defining the specifications for our classroom courses and online courseware, BIM Academy Africa draws on the extensive experience of our principle partners, but also researched the perspectives of our target audiences.

Our courses are well structured and well suited for the audience with a major emphasis on BIM processes and information exchange workflows. We focus on interoperability so the agenda can easily adjust on several project delivery methods with attention on the information sharing process between project team members.

Many individuals and companies have a very different perception of BIM and in the past have placed to much emphasis on software. This may sound like an oxymoron but the opposing principles of Consistency and Flexibility form the core fundamentals of our training.
We demonstrate flexibility and diversity in our course agenda, but consistency in the messaging and processes;our user access to online courses is flexible in nature yet consistent in content.

Course Benefits

  •  Apply the processes and BIM standards applicable to the management of information on the project.
  •  Identify who and how to engage with the right team members at each stage of the project lifecycle
  • What is the interaction of process, technology and people in a BIM environment
  • Apply the tools and formats that support enhanced collaboration among the project members.
  • Understand the classification WBS and the common data environment that supports BIM
  • Recognise the level of detail that BIM models can contain and how this relates to the stages of design, construction and maintenance
  •  Recognise the legal implications of BIM in terms of intellectual property, insurances and potential liabilities
  • Evaluate commercial data of BIM models, and the inputs and outputs to be expected at each stage of the project lifecycle
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Consulting Services

BIM Academy Africa consultancy also focus their expertise on the opportunities and challenges of Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and workflows.

Through learning and performance assessment, we assist organizations to leverage their investments in BIM, maximize their Return on Effort (ROE), and transform their unique BIM challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

We study the value and relevance of BIM processes to your organisation and provide honest and impartial advice on how to adopt digital software tools and processes within your business, including the cultural challenges in terms of working practice which may need to be addressed.

Recognising the various standards and protocols and making this work for you are essential to allow the use of BIM to enhance the performance of your business.

Our Services

BIM Certification


Competition for talent is fierce in today’s marketplace. Employers want to attract and retain well-qualified, ambitious BIM professionals who not only work hard, but also help them win new projects and gain industry recognition.

Stand out with a BIM Professional Certification

  • Earn an industry-recognized BIM credential that helps prove your skill level and can get you hired.
  • Accelerate your professional development and help enhance your credibility and career success.
  • Validate your skills and join an elite team of BIM professionals.
  • Display your BIM certified certificate, use the BIM Academy logo to highlight your achievement and get noticed by listing your name in the BIM Institute registered professionals database.

Online accreditation Assessment Fee

  1. This course will support you in your journey to becoming a BIM professionals, but does not guarantee this.
  2. This outlines journey to becoming a BIM certified professional, and how this course fits in to that journey.

Delegates attending the course will receive an access voucher to register for the BIM Professionals assessment. Delegates wanting to achieve a certificate accreditation can purchase the online assessment (R1100). The BIM4professionals course has been accredited by the award winning WhiteFrog UK training organization. The pass rate for the online assessment is 80%.

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Our Clients

In helping develop the National BIM Guide framework, we have been able to assist numerous clients and governments transform their working practices and achieve BIM implementation and upskill individuals and entire divisions.

We have helped transform many individuals and countries in Africa through the intelligent application of smart partnerships and smart technologies. We maintain close links with all software vendor partners but at the same time offer impartial advice and support to organisations on their path to BIM adoption and deployment.

We have no hidden agenda and are outspoken and unbiased in our opinions on all things BIM in Africa, from software to policy decisions. We believe in building from first principles and absorbing all lessons learned from our international partners.

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About Academy

The BIM Academy Africa is the exclusive training partner for the BIM Institute.
By introducing various levels of BIM upskilling into the educational space, we are able to provide comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date learning that is aligned to the international BIM framework standards and associated documents.We are delighted to welcome WhiteFrog as our technical BIM partner.

Why Choose Us

  • BIM Institute exclusive BIM training partner

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