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Delegates need to understand that behind these processes there is always a “physical” component, that makes up a building, or piece of infrastructure, there is a “digital object” – a “digital twin”, if you like. The object has 3-dimensional “graphical data”, that describes it’s size, shape, location, and connection, or relationship, with other objects. It is a solid object in 3-dimensional space. The object also has “non-graphical data” which describes it’s important physical and functional characteristics – structured and serialized digital data that can be queried, processed, and used for many applications within our industry. There are key knowledge areas relating to BIM, including information on what quantity surveyors need to know about BIM, specifics about 5D BIM (what it actually is and what it isn’t), what to expect in a BIM project, timeline of a quantity surveyor’s role in the BIM Execution Plan. The 3D object in the discussion is also required to have certain “documentation” associated with it, for example, a Declaration of Performance, Technical Assessment, Elemental costings, Certificate of Installation and Commissioning, Operators Manual, etc. Documents are intended to be read by “human eyes”, whereas “non-graphical data” is intended to be queried and processed by “machines”. The “digital twin” of the physical components that make up a building, or piece of infrastructure, has to have all 3 types of data – Graphical Data, Non-Graphical Data and Documents, all held in an organised and well-managed Common Data Environment (CDE).

If you still not getting this concept, then its time to try another career field, or come listen to why we believe that .. Great BIM leaders recognise the important needs of every ‘classroom style’ training. The message must speak to their needs, and develop an easy approach and understanding that facilitates learning with a bigger picture in mind – and so will you.

Are you not willing to change for digital built & BIM adoption for the better of our local industry? The world has changed, so why are you resisting?  Do you not want to help the owners & developers regarding ‘what’ and ‘how’ to expect in BIM projects? Do you not want to be the key coordinator for owner and contractor organization for the successful delivery of BIM in their projects?

This all-in-one One Day BIM course for leadership. This intensive workshop specifically designed to give company staff, non-trainers-who-train, and managers the A-Z of BIM without the software involved. BIM is not software….its a process!

While getting to grips with understanding the models, processes and delivery methods required to make a true and lasting impact with their BIM careers.

Great BIM leaders recognise the important needs of every ‘classroom style’ training. The message must speak to their needs, and develop an easy approach and understanding that facilitates learning with a bigger picture in mind – and so will you.

This one day workshop is aimed at architects, estimators, contractors and project managers seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the organizations benefits.

Attendees will learn the fundamental concepts of BIM and the processes available together with business benefits and the critical factors for successful BIM implementation on projects. Starting with the understanding of a BIM strategy and how working within an information management platform and the importance of publishing information into one single source of the truth. Delegates will progress to understand the pros and cons of BIM in the various project delivery methods. and by the end of the workshop will have covered critical processes  and deliverables necessary for BIM in a project life cycle.

The course comprises a mixture of presentations, practical exercises and introduces the following:

  • Global trends: Standards, policies, and education
  • People: How to be a leader and deal with critics and traditional thinkers
  • Process: learn about various stages with the life cycle of a BIM project
  • Delivery methods: What to expect with different delivery methods on a project
  • Policies: BIM standards and guidelines including ISO19650
  • BIM Maturity in context with assessment and competencies within your organisation.

Note: This is an internally accredited course and does not carry local CPD points.


2 reviews for BIM 4 Leaders

  1. BIM Academy Africa

    “Through Vaughan’s knowledge and expertise in BIM and BIM process he has risen to the position of influence and industry leader. While Vaughan has found success with the BIM Academy Africa, his involvement and willingness to share his knowledge and experience internationally has been instrumental in assisting organizations such as CanBIM (Canada BIM Council) in understanding the current status of BIM in Africa and how CanBIM can support and compliment his efforts in the promotion of BIM.
    He naturally has taken on the role of “point person” that many in the industry seek out with questions. Vaughan was instrumental in introducing a BIM educational platform for training and support in Africa, a direction that has proven to be very fruitful. ”

    Scott Chatterton
    International BIM Integration Leader – Canadian BIM Council

  2. BIM Academy Africa

    “I am still looking for words to describe my experience in your courses. It definitely was extremely informative, valuable and vision expanding for me.
    Thank you so much for commitment to excellence and passion for making a real difference in South Africa and Africa through BIM as the activator for driving much-needed change.
    Since meeting you in 2015 I’ve seen you relentlessly growing the BIM Institute to a respected and influential entity now effectively leading the way for industry and government into a new and surely better future for all.

    I have to say this: I am inspired by the way you are growing the institute and expanding it’s reach and influence, despite challenges, with laser like focus.
    It is clear as day, your path and passion has equipped you for this very moment. You inspire us. I know you will not stop… I, among so many you have engaged with, are not only following you but also supporting you wherever we can. ”

    Francois – Fusion BIM

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