“Give us 27 hours of your professional time online and I’ll give you the skills and knowledge to present focused structured BIM courses… with an internationally recognised qualification as a trainer to add to your CV as proof…”

Finally, here’s the all-in-one BIM, intensive online experience specifically designed to give trainers, non-trainers-who-train, and managers the A-Z of BIM without the software involved. BIM is not software….its a process!

While getting to grips with understanding the models, processes and delivery methods required to make a true and lasting impact with their BIM careers.

BIM 4 Trainers is an online course that offers a new level of the profession into the BIM educational space. A BIM Trainer Certification sets the standard that demonstrates that you have the skills and competence of training and understanding the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

This Train the Trainer course is a unique BIM learning opportunity, giving you access to over 27 hours of online learning material and full access to Africa’s largest online BIM portal – NavBIM, that will help you prepare yourself to become a proven BIM Mentor.

Great BIM leaders recognise the important needs of every ‘classroom style’ training. The message must speak to their needs, and develop an easy approach and understanding that facilitates learning with a bigger picture in mind – and so will you.

You will discover:

  1. The essential ingredients for presenting BIM to a wide range of audience: BIM Awareness, BIMLearning Readiness,  Professional Engagement.
  2. What to say in the critical first few minutes when addressing BIM to newbies to get them fully engaged. We will continue to develop this essential content with you, by providing you with ongoing development after this initial course.
  3. How to map out the misunderstanding of BIM and where software fits into the whole life cycle.
  4. The critical issue – what are the international BIM standards?
  5. After this initial course, we will introduce you to how to use story techniques and case studies to make your points interesting.
  6. How to identify and cater to different personality types so your BIM training appeals to students across the AEC  industry.

Our hardcover BIM course 83-page manual of essential BIM requirements and online content will also leave you with templates, exercises, assessments, diagrams, further reading, and additional  NavBIM resources, including:

  1. Project BIM templates
  2. Software training videos
  3. Step by step guides for  BIM learners
  4. …and much more

And, when you book your place you automatically become a registered trainer with the BIM Academy Africa, you do so with the reassurance of knowing that a host of international organisations recognise your qualifications and knowledge in Building Information Modelling.

The Training outcome

BIM Training is both an art and science.

Its’s time to discover

  1. Access to Africa most comprehensive BIM learning portal.
  2. The 6 stages for creating effective BI rollout: Brief, Collaborate, Protocol, Model, Procure, Operate.
  3. How to create effective benchmarking in your company as a BIMleader and defining staff outcomes – including the ‘BIM assessments, Implementing BIM, drafting of BIM documents i.e BEP, BIM Meeting agenda, Model standards, CDE requirements…
  4. BIM Basics.: The key activities and delivery methods  explained, and how to get your team BIM ready
  5. How to use  the right acronyms and terminology
  6. What every trainer should have in their ‘ BIM toolkit’

Plus: Training Techniques, Exercises, Models, Templates…

You’ll also leave with full access to NavBIM – Africa BIM portal. Full of essential training advice, templates, diagrams, further reading, and additional resources, including:

  1. Unique Training BIM I recognised international with our accredited partners.
  2. Completion of the online assessment. Provides each learner with a unique BIM ID with certification and all training material ( Training manuals and classroom PowerPoints) to continue conducting BIM courses.
  3. Free online Software training
  4. BIM library of  templates for projects
  5. BIM Wiki for Africa
  6. Access to BIM webinars
  7. Access to the worlds largest BIM dictionary.
  8. Access to other future courses at a reduced fee.
  9. Receive a free online copies of ” BIM- It’s your move.”
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Discover how to run successful BIM courses with the right learning style and be able to apply it to any BIM training even if it involves software training, giving you the chance to be doubly-accredited as a trainer in BIM and software.