BIM Health Check

To implement BIM in our industry successfully, all the project participants must have minimum BIM capabilities or qualifications. Before any project starts, assessing BIM capabilities of project stakeholders is a concern for many clients. The main problem of public clients regarding BIM is that they have no mechanism to ensure that the key participants, they hire for a BIM project, have the minimum capabilities (i.e. BIM processes and qualified resources) to participate in design and delivery of the project. The high variability of companies’ readiness to work with BIM may impose a high cost or risk for the client and other mature members of the supply chain. Therefore, the BIM Health Check Assessment will ensure project members and companies  are rated according to their level of BIM capabilities. The BIM Health assessment will try to assess BIM capabilities of an organization, and determine the maturity level of the individuals in the company. To translate these investments into an overall BIM performance, it is important to establish current capability, define future targets, identify gaps and then develop training strategies to bridge these gaps.




Help transform the Business

By introducing this level of consultancy into the BIM business space, We will help develop a BIM plan which works for your business and your project team.

Talk to Our BIM Experts

We have developed a range of BIM training modules which reflect different levels of need and competence. They enable staff to learn in a safe environment rather than take chances on a live project.

3D Scanning Services

We provide 3D laser scanning services for virtual 3D model creation and 2D CAD documentation of as-built structures and products including fully fledged BIM models. With a single scan, get a complete suite of digital assets to help promote and run your business.

Regardless of your level of your project, we make your assets accessible and affordable to create interactive 3D experiences of real-world spaces.
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Collaborative workshops

By definition BIM is a collaborative process. We can facilitate workshops geared towards the level of collaboration needed to implement BIM.


Technology assessment and research

As part of building the business case we will help assess your current technology capability and needs. Researching the market for the best solution balancing risk with opportunity will allow us to provide the best current solutions.


Vendor Compliant Partners

We work closely with our software compliant vendors in the industry and so have access to the best practice currently available. We have no allegiance to a software provider and therefore can give independent advice. Our relationship with the leading industry technology companies and practitioners means we are always aware of current best practice.