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The BIM Academy Africa is the exclusive training partner for the BIM Institute. By introducing various levels of BIM upskilling into the educational space, we are able to provide comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date learning across Africa that is aligned to the international BIM framework standards and associated documents.We are delighted to be the Gold Affiliated Exceptional BIM partner.

BIM Training does not start with a specialist degree

Countless studies have shown that if we teach the principals to open the learners minds with the approach to involve a curriculum development that demonstrates a progression through academia and into the workplace, with clearly defined ladders that show a route to a successful and worthwhile career or occupation.

Technology Training 100%
Process Training 100%
Leadership Training 100%

Our learning does not happen in a vacuum

To simulate the experience of working in a traditional project environment and translate it into a digital BIM project environment in advance of real project aspirations and provide exposure to alternate BIM usage across different disciplines.

To expose learners to global digital standards and to understand multi perspectives in receiving and preparing project information.


What our clients have to say

Francois Swanepoel
CEO- Fusion BIM

Thank you so much for commitment to excellence and passion for making a real difference in South Africa and Africa through BIM Academy as the activator for driving much needed change. BIM Academy Africa  is a respected and influential entity now effectively leading the way for industry and government throughout Africa into a new and surely better future for all. I have to say this: I am inspired by the way the BIM academy are growing and expanding it’s reach and influence, despite challenges, with laser like focus.

Scott Chatterton
Director – AEOS Consulting

CanBIM – Canadian BIM Council

Through Vaughan’s knowledge and expertise in BIM and BIM process he has risen to the position of influence and industry leader. While the BIM Academy Africa has found success with the BIM Institute, their involvement and willingness to share knowledge and experience internationally has been instrumental in assisting organizations such as CanBIM (Canada BIM Council) in understanding the current status of BIM in Africa and how CanBIM can support and compliment his efforts in the promotion of BIM.

Tony Lee Luen Len

The Green Building Council of Mauritius and the BIM Academy Africa have worked together on many occasions to provide BIM training courses in Mauritius and we shall maintain a continued relationship in order to empower Mauritius in skills and competence in BIM.

 A New Approach To Digital Construction Learning

The BIM Academy Africa is a partner to the Exceptional BIM learning programme that aims to transform the way our industry learns and operates with the built environment while providing a learning platform that fits the industry software demands and ensuring the leadership skills align with global digital construction standards . That means ensuring that our learning content and learning insights talk to the industry software products already being used across AEC organizations.

Exceptional BIM is not designed to replace any learning curriculum or apply to a particular year the student is studying.

Exceptional BIM management has been developed in collaboration with industry experts, practitioners, professors and technology experts to ensure that it is a programme that meets the needs of industry, as well as what you would expect to achieve throughout your career. To help you to develop in your chosen specialism, there are a number of career paths.

The courses are gamified and out-of-the-box supports a set of leader badges that are being awarded to you based on your behaviour and the goals you achieve when doing your courses. Below you can see all the available badges and a description of when each one of them is unlocked.


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