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Our vision is preparing professionals for an African digital built environment

Our History

BIM Academy Africa was founded in 2017 by Vaughan Harris and the BIM Institute  with the intention of establishing a centre of Building Information Modelling excellence for digital construction and transformation.

Today the BIM Academy Africa have achieved such status and have taken further steps to transition Africa into the global digital built environment.

Based on our history and values of independence, we provide valuable support for AEC learning and consulting  through our strategic vision and global partnership agreements and software vendors expertise.

Our track record helps companies improve on the following areas:
Online BIM Learning

Through our online learning partners in Exceptional BIM we believe it is essential to simulate the experience of working
in a traditional project environment and translate it into a digital BIM project environment we provide a multitude of
programmes aimed at learners who are looking for a challenging career within the advancing field of BIM management.


Digital Solutions for AEC industry

We consult on the digital strategies, processes and technologies required for BIM businesses that need to unlock their digital potential. Everything we do is bespoke to each client, creating value for their business and their projects


Leadership programmes for organisations

One of the most important skills to our industry is  the digital leadership of the theoretical scope and practical skills required to co-ordinate and manage people on a project that is considering adopting digital engineering requirements on projects.Through online guidance courses and face to face workshops we provide various soft skills and leadership skills for the digital built environment.

BIM learning is now exceptional and includes the power of social learning

Becoming part of the exceptional BIM community online learning encourages learners with proactive directives and feedback through social mechanics and learning dynamics added to the BIM online learning that leads to the accomplishments of business goals and learning objectives

Building Back Better Together

Through consultation and our deep understanding of advanced training skills  and industry knowledge, we transform businesses and their projects to accelerate output and strengthen growth.
We believe in the power of digital leadership, the spirit of exploration and the ability to drive innovation through connected BIM.
At BIM Academy Africa we are a team of individual experts, helping individuals and companies digitally transform the built environment. We believe in trust and transparency, we’re authentic and agile, we work throughout every continent to bring the very best to in future-thinking to client projects.

BIM learning is now exceptional and includes the power of social learning.



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