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Our BIM Training is Exceptional

In planning to add BIM into any learning environment may be very challenging for most universities or companies, it is essential to set out the immediate BIM goals and overall objectives for the learners without disrupting the current curriculum or way of working.  The objective of Exceptional BIM is to provide knowledge of the subject-area, improved understanding, development of intellectual skills and changing attitudes. At any point a learner can start to add some software training depending on their skills or curriculum and ther by integrating BIM technologies into their working environment.

The process of introducing BIM  has revealed that it is more complex than just adding a new course to the curriculum or project team, as BIM has the potential to be an intrinsic part of the whole architecture/civil engineering/construction and operational programme. Around the world we are seeing universities and commercial streams teaching the principles of BIM that are integrated with the BIM fundamentals with various a Digital Graphic Representation. This is then followed with some related BIM concepts, like teamwork and complexity, which can be taught in Building Technology courses offered by software vendors.

Becoming part of the exceptional BIM community encourages learners with proactive directives and feedback through social mechanics and learning dynamics added to the BIM online learning that leads to the accomplishments of business goals and learning objectives.

This compelling gamification experience taps into a learners  emotions and demonstrates, easily, the best activities an audience can complete that make an impact on mutually shared goals. As learners interact  they receive immediate feedback on performance and guided next steps towards new learning achievements.

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